Will you provide a song list to choose from? 

Better!  We have an online music library that you can browse, listen to sound clips and even prioritize the importance of each song.

Are you willing to play songs that are not in your collection?  Will you obtain CD’s or must we provide them? 

We are willing to play any songs located in, or not in our collection.  If you don’t see your request in our music library enter type it in or let us know and we’ll be sure to purchase it prior to your event.  Music is our business and we treat it as an investment and are happy to run down even the most obscure requests.

Will you take requests from us of songs to play and not play? 

Absolutely!  We encourage requests and clients to take an active role in selecting the music.  We are also aware that individuals and groups are not fans of every song.  Each client online planner has a Priority Request List, Must Play List, Additional Request List and a Do Not Play List.

Will you take requests from guests? 

It’s up to you.  We encourage you to allow guest to request songs but we realize that many couples love music and want to make sure their song selections are played.  We offer our clients the use of our Guest Request System.  This is a fun and great way to involve your guests in creating the sound track for your event.   A link to your planner is provided to your guests and they can request the number of songs you allow.  We recommend 2-5 songs.  Your GRS can act as the “Top Ten Countdown” for your event.  We know if a song is requested more than once and by how many people.  You can access this list and edit it as you see fit.  Ask us about the GRS for your event!

What types of music do you usually play while the meal is being served? 

We play appropriate music for each part of your event.  We will work with you to create the atmosphere for each portion of your event that you desire.  Because each event is different, each play list is different as well.  We are happy to assist you in creating the perfect play list to fit the style of event you are planning.  We are happy to program the music for you should you want to leave it to your professional DJ/MC.

Will you be the Master of Ceremonies? 

Yes!  This is the biggest difference between Fingerlakes Entertainment and other DJ Services.  We are DJ’s and play music but we truly view ourselves as Masters of Ceremony.  We will handle all announcements, introductions, and work with you to create an appropriate timeline and execute the timeline flawlessly for your event.  We are your representatives for the day and we make our clients look like stars!

What’s your fee? 

Each event is different and we want to make sure we provide you with the proper services for your event and that the cost is appropriate.  We have all-inclusive event packages so check our availability and we will be happy to provide a rate quote upon request.

How many hours does your fee include? 

Each event is different and we want to make sure we provide you with the proper services for your event and that the cost is appropriate.  We have all-inclusive event packages so check our availability and we will be happy to provide a rate quote upon request.

How many breaks (and what length) do you require?

We do not take breaks.  If dinner is provided our two member team will rotate shifts during the meal to provide coverage at all times.

Do you charger for travel time?

We offer service to the Finger Lakes Region.  If your event is outside the Finger Lakes Region, and Rochester, Syracuse and Southern Tier we will be happy to negotiate a fair travel fee.

Will you play during the Cocktail Hour?

Our packages include Cocktail and Dinner Music.  If you are contracting live music for these portions of your event we would be happy to provide them with sound reinforcement.

Is there an additional fee or discount if you do not provide Cocktail or Dinner Music?

We will negotiate a discount based on “black time”.  Black time is the time where we are required to be present at an event but our services are not required.  We arrive early at each event to provide a sound check and to make sure everything is in order prior to guest arrival.  Please ask us about “black time” fees if you are not utilizing our services for Cocktail and Dinner Music.

What type of music do you offer for Cocktail Hour?

We play appropriate music for each part of your event.  We will work with you to create the atmosphere for each portion of your event that you desire.  Because each event is different, each play list is different as well.  We are happy to assist you in creating the perfect play list to fit the style of event you are planning.  We are happy to program the music for you should you want to leave it to your professional DJ/MC.

Can we see you in action at an event, or since we are long distance could you send a tape of one of your events?

We will gladly provide you with references of past clients who have used our services.  Our references are kept up to date so you can contact past clients and be assured that our level of service and performance is consistent.  We do not invite prospective clients to “crash” an event.  Our attention and focus are dedicated to the event we are doing and inviting prospective clients to events can be a distraction.  Each event we perform at is special so the service we provide at one event may differ from the style of service you desire.  We will provide you with the same courtesy at your event by not inviting strangers to your event.  We use our blog to talk about past events we’ve done and there are pictures and video of us ‘in action’ located here.

Have you played at our venue before?

Probably.  Our home page contains a list of venues where we have had the pleasure to perform.  We arealso on the referral list for some of the area's premier wedding venues and party houses.  If it’s in the FLakes Region… we most likely have played there.  We have also performed for many private functions, outdoor receptions, parks, and even back yards.

Does our venue have the facilities you need?

We have a wide variety of equipment to handle even the toughest setup accommodations.  We carryconnectors, adaptors, and just about every conceivable tool to make sure we are prepared for everything.  Because we have worked at most venues in the Finger Lakes and surrounding area we can recommend the perfect setup for the venue you have chosen.

If anything extra is required, is it our cost to incur or yours?

Our packages are very thorough.  If you require a specialty service not included in one of our packages we will provide you with a fair price for this service or item.  Please feel free to challenge us… making events unique is always fun and we look forward to it.

Do you use any special lighting?

Yes!  Lighting is included with all of our packages.  If you do not want lights let us know but they are provided in all packages and there is no discount for not taking advantage of special lighting.  We have developed lighting packages that are unique and effective and will fit the style of event you are planning.  From elegant mood and up-lighting for a formal event, to high energy state of the art club and party lighting we can accommodate all setups.  We will customize a light show perfect for your event.  We specialize in Intelligent/Gobo lighting and we are continually updating, and upgrading our light show with the new products released onto the market.  Spots, scanners, effects, up-lighting, silhouettes, accent, architectural, etc…. we can provide the proper lighting you are looking for.

Do you motivate the crowd, or do you limit any talking to Master of Ceremony duties?

We will provide the interaction that you are looking for.  If you are looking for a casual laid back event we will provide minimal interaction to deliver this type of event.  If you’re looking for high-energy and big-time crowd interaction and participation we can deliver that too!  We are experienced DJ’s and MC’s and we know how to read a crowd and provide the appropriate amount of interaction and motivation to achieve the atmosphere and style event that you have planned.

What will your attire be?

We are attired appropriately for the event we are performing at.  For weddings and formal events, your DJ/MC will be formally attired in a suit and tie.  As style and trends change so does our attire. If you prefer your Master of Ceremonies in a tuxedo please let us know.  Our Masters of Ceremonies and DJs are formally/professionally and appropriately attired for your event.  If you are not planning a formal event we will dress accordingly.  We can work with you for theme parties and dress as well.

Do you require a meal?

We do not require a meal but greatly appreciate one being provided.  Please inquire with your venue as a vendor meal is often provided.  We will ask if a meal is provided so we can plan accordingly.

When would you arrive to set up?

We normally arrive 1 ½ to 2 hours prior to the anticipation of guest arrival.  This time varies and may be longer if event equipment requires additional time.  We perform a sound check and verify everything is perfect prior to your guest arrival.  It is our goal to be setup and have music playing a ½ hour before guests arrive.

Do you have another event the same day?

Most likely no.  If we do you will be advised.  We only accept 2 events on the same day if they do not conflict or even potentially conflict with each other.  We are professional DJ/MC’s and each event is important.  If there is even a chance of overlap or conflict there will be no second event booked.

If the DJ gets ill is there a plan in place to make sure someone will be there?

Absolutely!  Redundancy is our middle name.  Each event is attended by two FLE team members.  In the rare event where the primary DJ/MC is unable to attend, a top tier DJ/MC will take their place.  We provideonly professional qualified experienced DJ/MCs.  We have DJ/MCs on staff to take the place of an ill team member should it be required.

Do you have liability Insurance?

Yes.  Each DJ/MC team is insured for every event.  We are insured through G.A. Mavon & Company, Chicago IL and carry $2 Million Liability Coverage.  Many venues require proof of insurance from vendors…please advise and we can provide them with proof of insurance and add them to a binder.

How much of a deposit is required?

Our standard non-refundable deposit is 25% of your package total and reserves our service for your date.  We will provide you with a contract your event containing all of the essential information pertaining to your event including, Time, Location, Services, and the name of the DJ/MC performing at your event.  The remaining balance for your event is due 7 days prior to your event.

What is your cancellation policy?

The deposit is non-refundable.  Should you cancel your event outside of 7 days prior to your event no balance is due.  If you cancel the event within 7 days the deposit and balance are non-refundable.  We will make every attempt to apply your deposit (based on availability) to a future or different date.  Note:  if this is necessary the package rate is subject to change.

Do you have references?

Yes.  We are happy to provide references upon request.




Is a deposit required to reserve my date?
We require a deposit to formally book your date. This guarantees you the type of booth that you requested and ensures that a booth will be held for your event. We provide services on a “first deposit, first served” basis and dates can book up as much as 18 months in advance.

When is the final payment due?

We require final payment 10 days prior to the event. If full payment has not been received by the due date, additional charges may apply.

Do you charge extra for setup and teardown time?
No. If you have hired us for 4 hours and your event goes until 10 P.M., our photo booth will be completely set up and ready to go no later than 6 P.M. If you require additional time, we charge $100 per half hour for overtime. Furthermore, if you require the booth to be set up by 4 pm but not running till 6 pm, we charge a modest $100 per hour for the idle time. So this example would cost an extra $200.

Are prints included with your rental rates?

Yes they are. Each photo booth session takes four pictures which are then printed seconds later for your guests to keep.  Our rental rates include unlimited sessions during your contracted time for either the Table Top or Eventure Portable Photo Booths.

Can we choose color or B&W prints?

Yes. Choose to print photos in full color or black and white.

Does our rental include a photo booth attendant?

Yes. A professional attendant will be present during the entire rental period  with either the Table Top, Eventure Photo Booth or Photo Lounge to help your guests operate the booth and enjoy their experience.

Can we have a special message displayed on our  Photo Strips?

Absolutely! Most of our clients choose to have their names, date and a stock graphic printed at the top or bottom of their Photo Strips. However, any unique message you choose can be displayed in this area at no additional charge. Customer provided graphics can also be added if provided in either.jpg or .gif format.  Our Graphic Arts department can create a unique logo or graphic for you for an additional fee.

What are the dimensions of your photo booths? 

Our Table Top Portable Booth just about anywhere!  We recommend you set aside a 5′ x 5′ area for the Table Top Photo Booth.  Our Eventure Booth measures approximately 7′ tall by 5′ wide by 4.5′ deep. We recommend a 6′x6′ area for the Eventure Booth. The Photo Lounge is size customizable from 5′x5′ to a whopping 8′ x 8′!  Plenty of room for lots of guests to crowd inside!

Do you require a damage deposit? 

No, unless you instruct to have the photo booth set up outdoors and not covered by an enclosure or tent of some sort. We can provide a tent for an additional fee.  If no tent is provided or rented we require a $500 damage deposit in addition to your rental charge.

Do you have any suggestions on choosing an area for the photo booths? 

We recommend that you try and position the photo booth as close to the action as possible.  Our fully trained attendants will locate the booth in the best possible location to optimize lighting and guest traffic.  We are always willing to visit your location with you to discuss the placement of your photo booth.



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